Another(commercial) machine buying advice thread...

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Another(commercial) machine buying advice thread...

Postby MrJamesA » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:49 pm

Im opening up a cafe soon(ish), and after much budget wrangling Im now looking into machines, on a budget of about £3000, potentially up to 4k if the right machine came along.
The one that is standing out is a semi-auto S5, though I'm not sold on 53mm groups. With that in mind I have also been eyeing up a Nuova Sim Appia, I like the groups, and the idea of the 'soft preinfusion' on it, and I've heard it is a bit more solidly made. Temp stability is important, and while it would be nice to be able to change temps easily I would be prepared to sacrifice that for a solid, stable machine. Any other suggestions I should be looking at, or experience with the S5/Appia?

Alternatively, anyone got any leads for a decent used/reconditioned bargain? There is a LSM on ebay, they any good? Cant find much about them online other than manufacturer's blurb...
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