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Temp query

Postby Hipponax » Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:29 pm

I have a two group ECM rafaello on a 6.5 litre boiler (3200W) recently used then refurbed and descaled by a chap who knows what hes up to.

I have been testing temperatures in various areas including the

a) single hot water spout (eg for builders tea) - this is nicely at 94 deg c and in fact if left to run for a few seconds longer will almost turn to steam!
b) left group head when machine idle 5 mins at the shower screen 81 deg, and 91 when packed with coffee and hot portafilter
c) right group head when machine idel 5 mins 84 deg and 91 when packed with coffee and hot portafilter (i presume the outpout readings are higher than the shower screen due to the pressure

I neednt add that the ECM rafaello is plugged as being a complete beaut when it comes to making steam and that side of things im happy with

I have read that 203F or 95C is optimum for extracting most coffee but Im wondering if there is a way to get a higher temp out of the group heads without using a PID - im quite new to the geek side of coffee so when i go for temp of coffee is that measured as the water from the shower plate or from the outspout of the portafilter (eg after its been underpressure)
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