A Zassenhaus problem

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A Zassenhaus problem

Postby moccafaux » Thu Oct 28, 2004 6:18 pm

I am sitting with my coffee-addicted colleague for an evening of coffee, wine and good food.
His new Zassenhaus (the "Espresso"-version with concave sidewalls) arrived today and boy does this machine s..k!
It took 6min to grind 5gr of beans in the finest setting and besides being slow the result is nothing to write home about. In the finest (mocca-) setting the ground feels like fine powder when a finger is pressed onto it but its actually with a high percentage of course ground when rubbed between two fingers.
The former problem is easily recognized: the burrs dont catch enough beans, one turns the handle far too often "empty". The latter seems to be simply caused by very inferior burrs.
We compared the Zassenhaus with with my old handmill from the fifties (inherited from my parents and as good as new): It took 50sec. to grind 15gr of beans to a fine powder of excellent consistency.
So far the Z is definitely not worth the money.
But what is wrong?
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