Baristas 2005

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Baristas 2005

Postby anette » Fri Oct 22, 2004 9:27 am

Hello all!
The barista championship is underway, keep an eye out for updates in Boughton's Coffee House!

'We now have details of the new committee which has been formed in an attempt to win the UK some attention in the international barista world. One of the aims is a possible ‘Team UK’ of our best baristas.
Chairing the committee is a Norwegian, Jon Willassen of the London School of Coffee. A full report on his aims, and the committee’s responses to some extremely awkward questions posed by this magazine, will appear in Coffee House at the end of October.
Winner of Lincoln & York's 'barista of the year' championship was Phil Gilbert of Beans in Oundle. Expect to see them sponsor him in the British finals.'

I expect to see you all there!
:) Anette
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