Any E61 experts?

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Any E61 experts?

Postby E61 » Sat Jan 22, 2005 5:29 pm

Well I'm the proud and happy owner of a Faema E61 and even though I know a bit of the history I would love if somebody could provide some more insight in its long life.

Specifically I'm interested in:
How many versions were launched? I know the first came out in 61 and had the "golden" look. It were replaced with the black look in, I think, 1963 and at this time the cup warming were added. Faema changed the glass sign a few times as well. I'm familiar with at least 3 different versions.

How many production facillities produced the E61? I know about the Milano line and Faema think they had one in France for a short time as well, but there must have been more.

Did it ever came out with a "modern" type pressurestat? I have only seen the old fashioned lead type pressurestat, but since they didn't stop production until the '70ies a more modern pressurestat might have been used.

Have you seen a 83 mm. grouphead? On my machine one of the two groups is a 83 mm. (yes I know -it is huge). Faema have never heard of this and guess it might be a prototype, but since it does have a very nice portafilter it might have been in production (on the french line perhaps - I got mine from France)

How about the HX tubes? On most E61's I have seen the HX tubes are stragiht tubes through the boiler, which is also how they are drawn on the patent. The only exemption is again my own maschine, here the tubes are twisted. It might be because of the oversized group.

A lot of questions, and I have probably even forgot some :-) I hope one of you is sharing my passion for this beautiful maschine


P.S. I would have added a picture until I realised I have them all at work - sorry
Faema E61 - 2 group, year 1967, 84 mm. brewhead
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