More l'anna descaling advice

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More l'anna descaling advice

Postby tripetta » Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:36 am

Hello all!

I posted here back in June about my L'anna needing to be descaled. The advice I got was great! Problem is, I descaled it to make the left side group head flow better. When descaled it, though, it actually seemed to make the problem worse. Now the group head on the left side isn't working at all. It makes a grumpy noise, like so:

I've tried letting the descaler sit in the boiler for hours at a time, and it continues to come out blue. The ratio I use is 2 Tbs citric acid / 1 L water.

I've descaled it over a dozen times now, but I can't afford to shut it down for a few days. All advice is appreciated; thank you for any help!

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