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Back to the future

Postby motoman » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:48 am

Silly title, but almost relevant. After my recent debacle where my lovely La Valentina was sent for a full service, returning working for a couple of weeks, bits replaced with tatty bits, but Oh joy, it worked. For almost three weeks before it became harder and harder to get it to work then gave up the ghost. it now sits in the cave gathering dust while I pretend to like using a French press. I want to get it serviced again by a firm who will get it working properly again, any advice will be appreciated. I want my espresso machine back hissing, scalding my fingers, but transforming my mediocre roasting to the nectar of the gods.
No way will I deal with the butchers who made me pay dearly for their incompetence, I have written off my loss and want to start again.
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