Electrical wiring assistance sought PLEASE re Vivaldi S1

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Electrical wiring assistance sought PLEASE re Vivaldi S1

Postby S1 owner » Thu Aug 31, 2006 5:16 am

have a 220volt unit. La Spaziale. Have 3 wires

! brown
2 blue
3 yellow/green

Have a 3 prong plug. Which wire is ground?

Does it matter where the other 2 wires(non ground) go?

Also, machine is 2200 watts. How many amps circuit do I need?

Thank you
S1 owner

Postby HughF » Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:51 am

Yellow/green is ground in the UK. I think it's the same elsewhere in the EU but you didn't mention your country.


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Postby phil » Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:30 am

Does it matter where the other 2 wires(non ground) go?

If you're using a fused plug then yes it matters as you should fuse the brown wire (live) for your safety.

If you're not in the UK though then I don't think you'll be using a fused plug so then the answer is no, as it's an AC circuit.

Re the circuit capacity, 2200 / 220 = 10A. You need a little bit of headroom for safety IMO, but your circuit needs to be able to supply 10A at least.
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Postby s1 owner » Sun Sep 03, 2006 9:55 am

Thank you for your help.

I got it working very well. Used a 10 amp plug (highest rating I could easily find)

great machine
s1 owner

Postby chemistone » Sun Sep 03, 2006 10:19 am

Now that you have a great and working machine, why not join us?
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