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Commericl Machines

Postby tomgreen » Wed Aug 23, 2006 10:44 am

Hi guys,
liek the name suggests, I'm a newbie, so please be gentle. AFter lamenting over the total lack of decent espresso in GLasgow, I'm taking the plunge into setting up a small business.
Here's the prob:
All the barista work I've done has been on machines plumbed directly into the mains, but now I'll be working form a seperate water supply (water cooler bottles). Since the machine I'll be using, the Elektra Barlume 2 group, needs a 15mm supply with stopcock, min. pressure 3 bar, I'm pretty clueless as to what I need. The company I'll rent from says it HAS to be plumbed in. Is there some kind of pump system I can use?

Sorry for the massive email, but I've exhausted other avenues of research.


Postby chemistone » Wed Aug 23, 2006 11:22 am

Some people use a small rotary pump to feed the machine from water bottles.

I don't know how they do the controls, is the supply pump running the whole time (heat!) or does it switch with the main pump of the machine?
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Postby bruceb » Wed Aug 23, 2006 11:49 am

Hello Tom,
You might contact the manufacturer or dealer and ask them if they have any suggestions. I once saw a fellow who pressurized his water bottles with a small air compressor. That might be safer (?) than a positive displacement rotary because those pumps are quickly damaged if the bottle runs dry. There may be commercial solutions.
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Postby HughF » Wed Aug 23, 2006 12:33 pm

The name FloJet as a pump manufacturer rings a bell if you did want to use an extra external pump.


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Postby CakeBoy » Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:20 pm

Hi Tom and welcome. You should consider joining us :D
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Postby GeorgeW » Wed Aug 23, 2006 5:54 pm

CakeBoy wrote:Hi Tom and welcome. You should consider joining us :D

You're right....I don't see why he should get off. :wink:
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Postby scook94 » Wed Aug 23, 2006 5:59 pm

Hi Tom,

I hope you'll let us know where your shop is?
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Postby BazBean » Wed Aug 23, 2006 8:35 pm

Hi Tom.

having set up a few mobile espresso places all feed by water containers i would use an inline whale pump with a one way non return valve on the end. As it is also powered by 12 volts it can used mobile as hooked to battery.

this might be a starting point ... Whale.html

best of luck
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Postby RobC » Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:08 pm

If you are planning to rent a machine from someone, who has stated it must be mains plumbed, I would suggest you tell them you plan to try and run it from a container. If you run it from containers and there are problems later they may charge you for damage to the machine or even to replace it. It is fine trying this sort of thing with your own machine whether new or second hand, but if you are borrowing one from a company on a rental basis it would be safer to find a company that is happy with it being used in this way. There are plenty of options for running machines from a container, just make sure you are open with the people you deal with.
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Postby Guest » Thu Aug 24, 2006 9:40 am

Thanks for all the help guys, it's still a bit of a puzzle to me so I'll approach the rental company.
Thanks for the link BazBean, but do you have any advice on which pump to go for? I looked through the page and I'll be completely honest and say it was all Double Dutch to me.

As for where I'll be set up, hopefully in Glasgow City Centre within the lobby of a (as yet undecided) large office building. Bringing the coffee to the tired huddled masses in call centres.


Postby chemistone » Thu Aug 24, 2006 9:42 am

I can translate the Dutch for you... ;) :D
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Postby Guest » Thu Aug 24, 2006 10:33 am

scott here: we run machines from containers with the internal rotary pumps no problem at all.

what you need is a 1000 litre water softener with a non return valve on the end, fine with many machines that are out there.

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