Coffee varieties

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Coffee varieties

Postby Youri » Mon Apr 11, 2005 6:56 pm

Hey there coffee lovers,

I've got a question for you. I post this here becaue I'm not a member (yet).

I thought there were only Arabica, Robusta and Maragogype coffee beans, but it seems that there are more like

Caturra varieties
Catuaí varieties
Yirgacheffe varieties
and probably more of those.

Does anyone know what this all means or knows a website where I can see what this means.



Re: Coffee varieties

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 11, 2005 7:59 pm

Youri wrote:Caturra varieties
Catuaí varieties
Yirgacheffe varieties
and probably more of those.

Those are all Arabica bean varieties.
Everything that lives on this planet is classified by .../Family/Genus/species/variety. As an example, we are Hominids Homo sapiens sapiens.
For coffee plants :
Coffea is the Genus.
Arabica, Canephora and Liberica are species (there are a lot of species but these are the most found worldwide).
Then, for each species you have several varieties. Here lies the problem. In the usual language, as we use Arabica and Robusta to define Arabica and Canephora species, there's a kind of confusion here that leads to your interrogation I think.


Postby Guest » Mon Apr 11, 2005 9:14 pm

Maragogype, for example, are mutants. XXX-Large beans. My mexico Maragogype is still an Arabica bean. There would be Brasilian Maragogype, too.... mutations can happen everywhere. Farmer where breeding the large beans. So you can have different Maragogype beans from different countries.

The Yrgacheffe you were referring to: That's the area where this bean comes from. Like you have Ethiopian Yirg..., Eth. Harrar, Eth. Sidamo, Eth. Djimmah...all aereas.
Of course there are more different Yrgacheffe coffee beans, aS there are also many coffee farm in that area....

As an example Brasilian Bourbon: Cofee from Brasil, Bourbon = because that plant came originally from the Island Bourbon. But that doesn't help me find the plantation, of course >grin<

Hope that also clarified some thoughts, although I can't top that wonderful explanation of "the guest" before me.

(who is to lazy to log in)

Postby zix » Mon Apr 11, 2005 9:21 pm

And Maragogype is a variety/hybrid/subspecies of Arabica with larger beans, it seems. Not another species.
Hungrymonster has coffee facts about it, and Sweetmarias describes a Guatemala Huehuetenango Maregogype (search for the word in the page, the text is longish).
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Coffee varieties

Postby coffeefreak » Tue Apr 12, 2005 7:15 pm

Although I cannot contribute anything to this post I only am surprised that lots of "guests" are putting messages and contributes to TMC lately.

Also at my post about "Specialty Coffee Roaster" there were suddenly guests writing. This is a bad developing. Seems people don't want to tell their story with their username and therefor use "guest".

Jan "Coffee Freak" Schuitemaker
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Postby Steve » Tue Apr 12, 2005 8:07 pm

I think Jan it is because they have forgoten to log in, nothing more. Also you did post it in the open house where guests can post

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Re: Coffee varieties

Postby MKSwing » Tue Apr 12, 2005 9:37 pm

Sorry guys, I usually get connected automatically but it looks like my cookie expired and didn't see it. The post about Genus/species/varieties is mine.
Stephane Cataldi
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Postby Joey » Wed Apr 13, 2005 1:04 pm

And I did state that I was too lazy to log in! Mea culpa.
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Postby huub » Wed Apr 13, 2005 2:09 pm

jan, I really want to keep things positive here, so I'm not trying to start some flaming thing here,
but : LIGHTEN UP! ..really..
excellent, smithers...

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